Kite Flying Information

Kite festival.

Kite flying is a hobby that engages the mind and senses. Kites can be marvels of engineering and design as well as objects of beauty and grace. Building kites takes skill and enthusiasm. Flying them is a fun way to get outdoors and meet other people.

The Australian Kite Association is proud to offer information on kite building and flying.

Kite Plans

To build a kite that performs well, you can follow someone else’s design plan or create your own—which normally takes more than a little trial and error.

Either way, you may interested in some of the designs submitted to us. Designs featured include:

Delta Conyne

Newspaper Cody

Colin Minter’s Clown

Kites in the Classrooms

Kite flying is a great activity for kids. Smart school teachers have produced some very successful learning experiences by bringing kite building into the classroom and kite flying on to the school oval.

To find out more about how to do kite flying in school, check out the following articles.

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Kite Plans